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Biotechnology has reached a crucial stage. There are several technical options for interfering with and manipulating basic mechanisms of life and thus impacting deeply on the future of all living beings on earth – with regard to not only ecology, but also ethical, social and economic aspects.
It is in the interests of civil society to closely follow current developments and applications in biotechnology, and to assess their implications on humans and the environment without being influenced by the economic interests of the biotech industry. The history of biotechnology and the present situation show huge deficits in this area.
In particular, the general development and impact of agrobiotechnology is strongly aligned with industrial interests and influenced by political priorities to promote the economy. Mechanisms for the general public to participate in, influence or change objectives and the decision making process are poorly developed, or even completely lacking. Taking into account the broad distribution of products derived from genetically engineered plants in seeds, food and feed or biomass, there is a huge demand for high level protection of consumers and the environment. Testbiotech aims to make independent research and transparency higher priorities in political decision making.
Testbiotech was founded in 2008 by a group of experts and registered as a non-profit organisation to promote independent research and public debate on the impacts of biotechnology. Testbiotech is a centre of expertise concerned mainly with the ecological, social and ethical consequences of modern biotechnology. Special emphasis is placed on genetic engineering applications in agriculture. We deal with risk assessment and risk management, socio-economic consequences (e.g. caused by patents on seeds or livestock), developments in the regulatory framework and new approaches in plant and animal breeding (besides genetic engineering). Testbiotech conducts its own studies or commissions research projects from other institutions and uses the relevant findings to raise broader public awareness.
The dedicated team at Testbiotech have long-term experience in dealing with various aspects of modern biotechnology and are accustomed to networking with other independent experts. Testbiotech aims to bridge the gap between science and the broader public, to interconnect the interests of society, research goals and political decision making.

Testbiotech e.V.

  • promotes independent research,
  • examine ethical, social and economic issues and
  • assess risks to health and the environment.


Testbiotech has among others the following members:

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