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What are the consequences of genetic engineering for humans and the environment? From a critical point of view, Testbiotech provides information and scientific expertise on the risks associated with these technologies, that is completely independent of the biotech industry. In this way, we help to strengthen the decision-making competence of politicians and society.


How much science do Nobel Prize laureates need to take a position?

Campaign for the introduction of Golden Rice gets prominent support

30 June 2016 The campaign for the introduction of genetically engineered so-called “Golden Rice” has gained prominent support. After the proponents of this rice attempted to get the blessing of the pope and claimed that environmental organisations are responsible for the deaths of millions of people, they are now trying to use the reputation of Nobel Prize laureates for their own ends. A letter slamming the environmental organisation Greenpeace for its critical stand on genetically engineered plants has gained support from more than 100 Nobel Prize laureates.